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Why Should You Have Handloom Saree in Your Collection

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Handloom sarees stand out as traditional attire, drawing inspiration from the creative artworks that had their birth in India and Bangladesh. Handloom saree production is one of the major reasons that rural India has witnessed a spurt in economic growth. It takes around two to three days of rigorous work for a single Bengal handloom saree to be completed. The tradition of handlooms is unique to every region of the Indian territory. The hand-twisted saree is a reflection on your class and personality characterized by a unique design and high quality of the fabric.

If you are someone who takes a keen interest in and shows a great deal of enthusiasm towards fashion, then you can opt to search for handloom saree online where you are likely to come across greater designs and varieties as opposed to what you get in a handloom saree store. Here is a look at some of the reasons why this traditional Bengali wear should find its way into your wardrobe.

An organic and eco-friendly make

A handloom saree comprises a fine wove from a natural fabric where the twist of pattern and design, border and motif, craft, embellishment, or other similar complementary aspects give an unparalleled look and feel to every product which helps in making every item as distinctive as the next.

Get into the traditional look

As a nation, India boasts of an impressive legacy of various heritages and societies that have come together to create incalculable creative artworks and fine arts in every niche and corner of our big nation. The Indian handloom industry also strives to provide a great deal of inspiration to the creativity of weavers while helping to demonstrate the rich variety of Indian culture. There is a unique work of art to gloat over in almost every region of India which is given life on a handloom saree by the weavers. Sarees such as Dhakai, Kanchipuram, and Banarasi are some of the famous names among Indian handloom sarees.

There is a uniqueness to every saree ever created

The traditional Bengal handloom saree is famous for its unique work of craftsmanship and mind-blowing designs. The varied and broad range of palette of hues employed by these fascinating sarees stands testament to their allure and spell-binding power. The shear appeal of these sarees is what makes them one of the most sought-after entities in the modern ethnic fashion scene in the country.

Soft to the touch

If the style side of things was to be discarded altogether, women would still continue to cherish handloom sarees thanks to their flowy and soft nature that makes them the perfect dress to wear in the hot and humid Indian climate.

Durable textile

One of the best aspects of a handloom saree is that these can be stored for very long periods without running the risk of damaging the look and feel of the saree. Only thing that needs to be done is to get the saree dry-cleaned frequently so that it can be used on repeated occasions.

Cheap and eco-friendly

Whether you buy handloom saree online or from a handloom saree store you will realize that these products are extremely affordable and can be bought at less than half the price one has to pay for designer sarees. More attraction at less expense is one of the biggest caveats of owning a handloom saree. Also, a Bengal handloom saree is created out of 100% natural fibers and dyes without the use of any chemical-based manufacturing process. This property helps in making these sarees eco-friendly and a safe product to wear which has also contributed to their popularity among celebrities.

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