Khadi – India’s Own Textile

Khadi – India’s Own Textile

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Khadi or Khaddar is the symbol of national fabric in India. Whenever we talk aboubt KHADI a name always come up – Mahatma Gandhi. During “Swadeshi Androlan” it became main tool of freedom. In a word Khadi is India’s own textile. Except that we don’t have knowledge on Khaddar. Is it only handloom product? Is it really rough textile? Let’s know.

What is Khadi?

Khadi is just only handspun and handloom fabric. It can be cotton or silk. Khadi from silk is known as khadi silk and from cotton is khadi cotton. As this fabric handspun, so that it’s very soft.

Khadi is made in two stages: changing over the fiber into yarn utilizing tool like turning wheels (Charkha) and after that weaving the yarn into texture utilizing looms. You can know more after watching the below video.

We’ll update soon on our own textile with new information.

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