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Get a Professional Look in Cotton Saree at Workplace

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It is the same old classic sari which actually steals the show. Indian culture is famous all over the world due to its traditional sari wear.The sari has its own sanding and importance, and it has its distinctive identity than all other forms of dresses. We wear saris to various occasions like festivals, weddings or any other auspicious event, even as regular wear and look divine in a sari. but when it comes to styling at your workplace then it is different. It is quite different than you can possibly imagine.

The sari that you carry at your professional place should be able to make you look effortlessly stylish, very comfortable, and must reflect your attitude. If you can bring all these features in a sari, then you can be that fashion icon in your office which everyone wants to impress.

Any cotton sarees are ideal for office wear or regular wear. Lets discuss some popular Bengal cotton handloom sarees that gives you a professional look at your workplace.

Tangail Saree:

Tangail is one of the famous Bengal handloom saree for any occasion. Tangail is one kind of unique weaving pattern which is weaved in Nadia and Budwan District. For any type of office party, it gives you a professional look with comfort.

Firoza Tangail Handloom Cotton Saree

Begampuri saree:

Begampuri sarees are comes from Begampur, Hooghly. Best way to find out begampuri saree is straight border in pallu. It’s another cotton handloom saree from Bengal. Different color of begampuri sarees are available in any saree store or online store.

Fulia Saree:

Fulia is also known as Fulia tant saree in market. Another handwoven cotton saree for regular wear and it’s very easy to wear. The name ‘Fulia’ is comes from a census town Phulia, Nadia. Fulia saree is famous for their fish motif and bamboo trey mofit.

Fulia cotton handloom ruby red saree

Shantipuri Saree:

Shantipur located in Nadia district is mainly famed for Shantipuri saree. Shantipuri handloom cotton saree is noted for their border and motif. It gives an elegant look as well as comfort for office wear. In some cases twill weaved shantipuri sarees are weaved those are more durable.

Shantipur handloom mercerised yellow body

Khadi Coton Saree:

As we all know Khadi is our own textile and traditional too. Khadi must be handwoven product, so it’s very soft fabric and pleasure to wear. Some Bengal weavers are still weaving khadi cotton sarees which are available in any Khadi shop or online store.

pink khadi cotton saree

Dhaniakhali Saree:

Dhaniakhali sarees are best choice for working women after 40. One kind of Soft cotton saree it is. Best saree for regular wear, office wear at reasonable price.

Dhaniakhali Cotton

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