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Drape Handloom Designer Saree in Durga Puja

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Is there anything left to say about the saree that has not been talked about, dissected, and explored ever before? Traditional yet trendy, this is rightly acknowledged as the social fabric of the nation. Be it a party or occasion of festivity, the saree is the choice every Indian woman makes without much thought into the decision-making for a handloom designer saree is what she looks most attractive in. A fabric of allure, elegance, comfort, and confidence, the saree is easy-going on the body and can be carried through the day. Few garments can match the saree in terms of the many advantages that it has to offer.

Appeal of the Designer Saree

From ancient times, the Indian saree has been much explored and experimented with, transforming from a traditional attire of need into a fashionable fabric of appeal. The delightful variety that it offers is one of the many aspects that sets a designer saree apart from the crowd – from the plain and simple colors to the lightly adorned cotton and silk blends that many women wear as part of their daily routine, and the jazzy stylish variants with heavily decorated silk complete with all sorts of finery and additive features meant for special fashion wear on exclusive occasions.

A saree could be made from cotton, rayon, satin, nylon, jute, silk, or a blend of different fabrics. Traditional varieties are available in plenty while modern art silks and current tastes have encouraged awe-inspiring fusion experiments to evolve a new range of splendid trending designs and patterns that have never been seen before getting incorporated into the conventional handloom weaves for a puja special saree.

Silk saree has always been a favorite for the women because of the rich look, airy comfort, and exclusiveness in price when compared to some of the other fabrics in the market. The costly variants of silk designer saree that can cost close to a lakh is especially guarded as a prized possession, worn with caution, and carefully treaded in at every step. These are set aside exclusively for the grandest of social occasions.

Cotton saree gets more of the preference in hot summer weather conditions and also when they have to be worn for long and continuous spells. Lightweight, airy, and comfortable, a cotton saree can be found in light shades as well as medium colored hues. These get preferred for the casual outings as well as office and daily wear since they do not cost as much as a silk handloom designer saree. Cotton sarees have caught up with the modern trend, being available in zari and multi-color thread works along with a host of other decorative features that have made these fabrics extremely attractive and beckoning to work with.

The idea of Indian katan silk first originated in Persia and traveled to India via the Mughal Emperors. This fabric was a popular choice among the royal ladies who would buy it for getting their clothes woven but hand the unique work to the servants after just one wear. The working class would in turn preserve this elegant work of labor to be work on momentous occasions. The strong nature of the fabric and its longevity gave it a good name and gradually its prominence spread to other parts of the country. Today, katan silk is still a popular option among Bengali women who wish to wear something that sets them apart from the rest during the puja season.

Another puja special saree to try this festive season would be one featuring applique work. A mélange of utterly fascinating patchworks sewn together, this is a potpourri of striking Indian embroidery and other captivating patterns. The end result is an artistic blend of everything beautiful that can be flaunted as something chic and arty. Draping an applique work saree this festive season will surely give you the feeling of embracing a six-yard wonder with lovely mottled effects.

No list of Bengali sarees to wear for Durga Puja would be complete without a mention of the Murshidabad silk sarees which are light and airy, and printed in an array of pleasing colorful designs that also features the batik print style. Be it casual get-togethers or bigger, more glamorous occasions, you simply cannot live without them!

Another name that deserves mention on this list is the Jamdani saree, a weaving tradition that is both time and labor intensive as it has to be carried out by handloom weaving. Jamdani handweaving is a necessary accompaniment for most Bengal sarees, taking on the form of cotton and gold thread weaves to create elegant geometric motifs and improve the aesthetic appeal. The sarees are termed differently based on the variations of the jamdani weave.

Other variants of designer saree and puja special saree can also be found, those that originated in other parts of India such as Orissa Handloom and Muga silk. However, the appeal of the handloom designer saree from Bengal is something unmatched and there cannot be a better option to consider for the festivities of Durga Puja.

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