Bengal Handloom Sarees in Office Ethnic Day
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Choose Traditional Bengal Handloom Sarees in Office Ethnic Day

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When it comes to saree, then you will find that each state has something different about the saree draping style. Each state is identified by its unique traditional Indian saree draping style. Bengali saree is one of the most popular ones and their fame is not something new, but they have rich history to tell.

In Indian ethnic days like Independence Day, Dassera, Dewali, Holy most Indian women like to wear traditional wear. If you are a saree lover then you should know some names of Bengal handloom sarees that you can select for your office ethnic day.

Types of Bengal handloom saree:-

Given below are the masterpieces of Bengali Handloom which can make you look graceful and attractive at your office ethnic day:-

1.Tangail Saree: –

The best handloom product of West Bengal textile industry is Tangail saree and Indians are privileged to get best in women saree in the form of eco- friendly tangail saree. The most distinguishing feature of these sarees, are their broad red Anchal and the entire top in milky white hue. Tangail Sarees are also known as Tant.

white tangail saree

These sarees are very light in weight and they are exclusively produced in Murshidabad, Nadia, and Hooghly. These sarees are a great hit during Durga Puja and other festivals in Bengal. These tangail sarees can make you look a perfect bong beauty that no one can sweep their eyes from. You can pair them up with puffed sleeved blouse.

2. Korial Saree: –

This is another presentation of red and white Bengali sarees apart from tangail. These sarees are mommy unwrapped at the time of festivals like Durga puja, Saraswati puja, Laxmi puja and other festivals. The striking feature of these sarees is its pure white border or broad red border, but narrower than tangail saree’s border. According to the Bengali belief, saree is a representation of the incarnation of Maa Durga. It is also known for bringing purity, wisdom, power and zeal in women.

3. Tussar saree: –

Tussar silk is exclusively produced in the various places and on a large scale in Kolkata and West Bengal. The main feature of thaws saree is the patta and the buti style of the saree which is quite adored among the Bengali women. Some sarees made of tussar silk have nakshi kantha work on them.

If you want to look gorgeous on your ethic day at office, then silk saree can be the best option for you. These sarees represent the best of women’s wish because of the fine quality of the silk. Tussar silk is also known as kosa silk, which is very popular in Baghalpur located in Bihar and Malda district of West Bengal. You can pair them up with half sleeves or quarter sleeves blouse.

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