Boutique vs Online Handloom Saree
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Boutique vs Handloom Sarees

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The tradition of an Indian woman wearing a sari goes back as far as the country itself and is regarded as a very important trademark of style and tradition. Simple and fashionable to wear, these sarees are woven largely by clusters of rural artisans and are available in a number of incredible varieties. The setting up of urban boutiques has created a niche appeal in the minds of the saree consumers and provides a certain degree of competition to the handloom products.

Advent of boutique sarees

There used to be a time in Bollywood when the heroine would go out and express her love for her better half by swaying to melodic tunes in the middle of some picturesque locale, all the while wearing a beautiful boutique saree. Cut to the modern era and for many women, their dreams too are composed of such cinematic elements. This is where boutique sarees come into the picture, helmed by the designers who sell their range of work under a particular label often from an online handloom saree store. The convenience of an online boutique has made it possible for them to reach out to a wider customer base while gaining better visibility online.

Just as fashion labels strive to differentiate themselves, boutiques too stand out from the crowd with their exclusive range of designs and collections. Whether it is sarees tailored to fit the grandiose occasion of an Indian wedding or something simpler, there is something for everyone if they look online.

The first thing that you need to look into when buying a saree is the material that is used for the product. To buy something elaborate, silk saree is the best option to go with. Silk boutique sarees are available in a vast number of patterns that one will find instantly appealing. The traditional handloom saree has also found its way into many an online boutique, helping the authenticity of traditional products to be maintained. For someone who has a flair for contemporary clothing that carries a traditional twist, a handwoven saree is easily the thing that fits their bill. Cotton sarees are the next in line, standing out with an elaborate choice of designs and differentiated textures. Cotton sarees are a great option to have for receptions, get-togethers, and other similar social events.

The advent of Bollywood has created a unanimous association between elegance and class, and sarees. Having an array of boutique online handloom saree stores at your disposal also gives you the sweet problem of plenty. You can spruce up your party look even further with a number of options such as a fashionable blouse design. A boutique saree is grand enough in itself and will thus look splendid when complemented even with a simple blouse. Small works of art added to the piece will also make the overall appearance very attractive.

Enigma of the handloom saree

An Indian handloom saree goes as far back as the country itself with its traditional yet contemporary style that is both fashionable and simple to work with. Crafted from natural materials by rural clusters of artisans, handloom saree is available in a wide range of varieties that allows them to be worn 365 days a year. The moment one puts on a handwoven saree it exudes a lot of class and dignity for the wearer. Be it a musical soiree, a charity dinner, or a festive gathering, the who’s who will always be spotted in an online handloom saree.
Here is a look at some of the traditional sarees that women love to flaunt even today.

Tussar silk:

Referred to in various terms such as tussar or tassar silk, this is considered to be something that bears more of a texture than mulberry silk and is characterized by shorter fibers. Tussar sarees have a typically golden sheen that lends an extremely dignified look to the wearer.

Baluchari silk:

Having its humble origins in Bengal, Baluchari saris are revered for their mythological designs. It was produced mainly in the Murshidabad district of Bengal but has now moved on with productions happening in many surrounding places of West Bengal.

Kantha stitch:

Kantha is a form of embroidery used in handloom saree that is popular in the states of Odisha and West Bengal, and also in Bangladesh. Kantha sarees have a characteristic simple running stitch that is used for the further creation of extensive designs.

Next time you think you want a saree, not just to wear but also to start a conversation with, walk into your favorite online handloom saree store or search an online boutique for something that meets your requirement.

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