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5 Bengal Sarees That Every Bong Wear in Durga Puja

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Devotees of Durga Maa and especially the people of Bengal look forward to Durga Puja as an auspicious moment in the year. Celebrations of this festival go on parallelly with Navratri, making it a time to feast for the people of Eastern India. Maa Durga is looked upon as someone who brings peace, prosperity, and happiness after defeating all that is bad and evil, and she is the goddess of power and strength, as well as the destroyer of all things evil.

People from the east of India, particularly those residing in Bengal, develop a sense of excitement every time Durga Puja arrives which brings along with it a grand fashion parade all across the city, not least in the capital city Kolkata. Also known as the City of Joy, the city is equally famous for its sweets. With so much on offer from this beautiful city, wouldn’t it be inappropriate for it to lack on the fashion quotient? A collection of Durga Puja special saree certainly corrects that equation.

From the tant saree to the Benarasi, we are going to run you through 5 best Bengal handloom sarees that you can check out this Durga Puja.

Shantipur Saree

shantipuri cotton

Shantipur saree came into prominence with the emergence of the “Neelambari” saree, an indigo-dyed, midnight blue handloom saree that was so alluring that it came to be known as “an enemy of modesty!” The USP of this famous saree lay in its dyeing quality and the fineness of the yearn. Finest hand spun yarn of 250-300 counts was used for the weaving purpose which resulted in a fine, powdery texture. A heady mix of subtlety of design and fine weaving, this saree came to be regarded as the byword for sophistication. The modern Shantipur sarees are in the range of 68-80 thread counts with zari borders lending a look of class.


cotton baluchari

The Baluchari sarees had their origins in the village of Baluchar in Murshidabad. This Bengal handloom saree is traditionally a silk saree made from tussar or pure silk. They are super stylish to look at under all circumstances. Baluchari sarees have been famous for portraying scenes and little snippets from the great Indian mythologies including the Mahabharata and Ramayana. Women wearing this saree typically refrain from the pleated pallu style which would totally ruin the looks of this attire.


The quintessential Bengal saree that is featured almost everywhere around us, the trademark red and white of the garad is what typifies a Bong woman and also provides most of the highlight reel for any festivity in Bengal. This is also one of the best Durga Puja special saree that you could consider adding to your closet this year. The traditional Garad is also known as a Koiral saree. This handloom saree is further characterized by a papery finish.

Katan Silk Saree

Batik printed katan silk

The idea of the katan silk originated in Persia and came to India with the ascent of the Mughal Empire. Katan silk would be bought by the ladies of regal families with the intention of weaving snazzy and rich articles of clothing from them. Katan silk became a popular fabric for weaving sarees and the aristocrat woman would hand down the outfit to her servants after only 2 to 3 wears. Katan silk is typically known for its longevity and the design has been modified in recent times to suit the needs of the woman of any Bengali household.

Jamdani Saree

With a plain red and white texture, the Jamdani saree is a symbol of elegance and minimalistic style. This Bengal saree has a very versatile nature that allows it to be worn in a multitude of styles – the traditional Bengali style or pleated in a pallu style, either of which results in a graceful, elegant look. When worn at festivities such as Durga Puja, you could go for the traditional style; while wearing it anywhere else you could opt for the more street -style pleat design.

We hope this post has given you a fair idea on how to wear your handloom saree and Durga Puja special saree this festive season. Wear them in style and make a classy fashion statement in your own unique way this Durga Puja.

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