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15 Nearly all lovely Anime Nerds as Chosen by Fans.Goo Ranking asked japan group to choose with regards to their beloved.

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15 Nearly all lovely Anime Nerds as Chosen by Fans.Goo Ranking asked japan group to choose with regards to their beloved.

Some of the most relatable Anime Nerds people were big in-universe geeks! These people appreciate anime, video, manga, and other geeky passions as much as audiences manage, that could obtain all of them a big utilizing.

Goo positions requested japan group to vote for his or her favored nerdy characters! Here you will find the finest 15 choices of many loving anime nerd.

15. Nagi Sanzenin From Hayate the eliminate Butler 64 votes

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Nagi Sanzenin could be the singular heir to the Sanzenin bundle, becoming the particular survivor belonging to the relatives besides her grandfather.

She actually isnt just the ordinary rich girl. Contacting the woman rich could be promoting the lady shorter.

14. Hajime Tsunashi From I Cant determine what my hubby says 67 votes

Kaorus 23-year-old otaku wife just who initially scrapes by residing as a blogger that product reviews numerous sorts of nerd news from video games to anime.

This individual eventually start working as a web site beautiful.

13. Erika Karisawa From Durarara!! 70 votes

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Erika Karisawa was a member on the bucks that can also usually be viewed generating around the urban area together with her neighbors Walker Yumasaki, Saburo Togusa, and Kyouhei Kadota.

She and Walker are extremely turn off due to their every becoming otaku, someone keen about anime and manga. Erika is usually a cosplayer and a fujoshi, hot for passionate male relations in manga and novels.

12. Tomoya Aki From Saekano: Strategy To boost a dull Girlfriend 71 ballots

Tomoya is definitely referred to as a hardcore geek. But he or she is one of the three perhaps most obviously people at Toyogasaki Academy, in addition to Utaha Kasumigaoka and Eriri Spencer Sawamura, thanks to his own strong advocating of otaku growth right at the college.

11. Itaru Hashida From Steins;Gate 75 votes

Itaru dating sites for Hookup people Hashida (ordinarily known by their nickname Daru) will be the tetartagonist for the visual creative and anime television series Steins;Gate.

He’s a user of the Future device research and is particularly the right-hand people of Rintarou Okabe.

10. Walker Yumasaki From Durarara!! 81 ballots

Walker Yumasaki, try a part of the funds and is particularly typically read creating throughout the area their friends Erika Karisawa, Saburo Togusa, and Kyouhei Kadota.

Like Erika, she’s a separate otaku, customers obsessed with anime and manga, as well as the two partners were nearly always together.

9. Kirino Kousaka From Oreimo 93 votes

Kirino Kosaka might be principal woman from the show. Kyousukes more youthful related and also the most youthful of these two siblings with the Kousaka families.

The woman is an overachiever exactly who relatively life an ideal lifetime as well as being idolized by almost everyone.

8. Junichirou Kagami From maximum Otaku trainer 103 ballots

Junichirou Kagami might be major champion of Denpa Kyoushi. He was a scholar pupil, however the man can’t be a success.

Ultimately, his or her young sister, Kagami Suzune, will get him out of the house by getting him or her an occupation at their alma mater as a Physics trainer.

7. Kotaro Takebayashi From murder Classroom 114 votes

Takebayashi possesses black color locks combed over over the corners of their brain and wears spherical eyeglasses.

His own uniform consists of a meet coat donned over a clothes top and a black tie, or gown trousers and costume sneakers.

6. Milluki Zoldyck From Hunter x Hunter 123 votes

Milluki are a seventeen-year-old youth, with short-trimmed middle-parting black hair and black color squinty face.

He’s overweight from insufficient physical activities and inadequate diet plan.

5. Tatsunosuke Sakonji From Kochikame 123 votes

Tatsunosuke Sakonji was a law enforcement officer that often observed making use of the some other policemen -usually Ryotsu, Sakonji and Honda- down task than available (in consistent).

4. Kazuyoshi Usui From Sket dancing 126 ballots

Kazuyoshi Usui or alter while he is more frequently called, could be the minds regarding the Sket Dan.

As a result of the functions that taken place as part of his living, he or she chooses to speak through a words synthesizer on his own desktop.

3. Konata Izumi From Lucky Sensation 173 ballots

Konata Izumi is one of the primary characters regarding the grateful Sensation line. She is the best choice associated with grateful Sensation folks and little girl of Sojiro Izumi and Kanata Izumi which lives in her residence in Saitama prefecture near Tokyo.

Nicknamed Kona-chan by Tsukasa Hiiragi, she’s an unusual but pleasant person

2. Sakamichi Onoda From Yowamushi extremity 204 votes

Sakamichi Onoda may be the protagonist of collection and senior school fresher. They are a part for the Souhoku school cycle pub and a climbing consultant. He will be furthermore evidently an anime otaku.

1. Umaru Doma From Himouto! Umaru-chan 241 ballots

Umaru Doma may be the primary champion with the Himouto! Umaru-chan line. The term himouto indicates dried-fish very little sister.

Actually combining himono-onna, implying dried-fish woman whos the proper outdoors but laid back at your home; and imouto, little sister, but himouto may also imply worthless lazy-bum sister.

We do hope you Like this number of Anime Nerds review below that your preferred anime nerds people? display it with all your neighbors and save MOW.

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